First National Freefire Tournament To be Held

Once again national freefire tournament  is going to be organized by the youths of Biratnagar.As per their saying registration is opened and will last till 15 of Magh.

For Registration they told Rs 500 per squad.And this goes to Rs 125 per person.So everyone can easily participate and this tournament would be one of the greatest platform for freefire players.

According to the context of Nepal Freefire battle royal is more popular to youths but it is not getting more attention but before 2-3 months Freefire tournament was also listed in the Nepal Esports Games because of freefire youtuber:Asian Gaming and Tech.Freefire tournament was succesfully conducted and winners also were selected.So once again New tournament is going to be held.The frist prize is negotable cause its according to the no of participants so the minimum prize:
1st;Rs 25000(will be increased acc to teams)

Detail in this picture:

Some rules;
1;Players must be from their respective guild teams[players should be fixed in their both teams,otherwise they will be disqualified.]
2:Player from A team cant play in B team.
3;No teaming allowed.
4;All weapons are allowed including M79 too.
5;No any promotion,bullying,toxic behaviour before, during and after the match in the  live chat or tournament group.
6;Any unnecessary behaviour or vulgarity:the team will be disqualified.
7;Every team must be punctual.solo or duo entry is not allowed(only squad entry).
8:Appearing late would be  disqualified .

So after this we are hoping that this tournament would help to improve nepali gaming community.So everyone register fast as possible your squad and be the champion.Those who arent willing to play join us in the live on our youtube channel and cheers for your teams:
Channel link;Pro gaming and tech

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